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    I really need to get a modem for my visor platinum and I think that omnisky is the most suitable company for me to use.

    If you have an omnisky modem for the visor and are willing to sell it or you know anybody else who is please send me an email.

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    I have a minstrel S modem with YadaYada service if your interested. I was told it could be used with Omnisky. If your interested let me know.
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    I am interested in selling my Minstrel S/Omnisky modem. It is 3 months old. email me at if still interested.
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    I have a Minstrel/S modem I want to sell. $75 bucks. Just drop me an e-mail to
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    Starting at $25. Instant purchase at $85. Includes leather case,
    charger, Installation CD, and of course the modem itself.

    Modem will be fully charged before shipping.

    Designed for OmniSky service. Subscription required to use.
    Kevin Reed
    TNET Services
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    I also live in Mesa, but haven't tried OmniSky. What kind of coverage did you get?
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    Originally posted by euangel
    I also live in Mesa, but haven't tried OmniSky. What kind of coverage did you get?
    At the house it was pretty good. (Broadway/Dobson area) At the office it was non-existent unless I was standing near a window (very north Priest area). In the parking lot, it was great, but the building apparently blocked a lot of the signal (2nd floor of a 4 floor building).

    When I had a good signal it was great, but since I couldn't get a signal while I sitting at my desk in my office, it pretty much defeated the purpose for which I purchased it.

    I wanted to be able to get system status from a custom web page I was
    building so that I could tell at a glance if all was up and running.

    I could get better reception with a piece of foil attached to the antenna, but you look pretty foolish walking around like that. Kinda like an Alien chaser :-)
    Kevin Reed
    TNET Services
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