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    I recently upgraded to the Clie N710C, so I'm trying to get rid of my Visor. I always find eBay has too much overhead for me, so I've decided to see if anyone here's looking to purchase it. Basically, here's what I have:

    -Visor Dlx Orange
    -56k Thincom 56k Springboard Modem w/ male AND female dongles
    -Deluxe stylus (pentopia)
    -Write rights (4-5)
    -Hotsync cradle AND cable
    -Handspring Visor holster
    -Factory leather case

    I also have the ICU rechargeable battery and ac/dc adapter I'll throw in.

    I do NOT have the factory plastic cover.

    Visor itself is in good, working condition. A year old, minor scratches in graffiti area, and one or two along the right side of the screen (write-rights conceal scratches rather well, however).

    I'm looking for $170 (OBO) for the whole package (plus about $8-$9 shipping).

    If interested, please let me know @ asap.

    I'll be happy to show pictures of the unit or answer any questions via request.


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