I was cleaning up around here and found some accessories I had back when I had my Treo 650/700p. All of them are in new condition and worked great when I last used them. All prices include shipping. If you need pics, let me know, but for the most part, they're pretty standard items. All are also genuine Palm products.

Sync Cable (I think this is from the 700p, but I'm not 100% sure) - $5.00

Palm OEM Auto charger - $10.00

Treo 700p Stylus (I think it's the 700p) - $2.00

Palm Charger (the one included with the Treos) - $10.00

Cable to charge a Treo using a standard Sprint charger - $1.00

Feel free to send me any offers. I'm not sure the going price for these items, but I really have no use for them. Most of the prices are just me estimating the Shipping with an extra dollar or so for my troubles.