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    $105.00/shipped OBO including software, $45.00/shipped OBO without software but including accessories. I will include two (2) chargers (note that these have the GPS receiver cord and Palm cord also charging both with just one cigarette receptacle), but mine differ slightly from the one pictured (mine are the older version that does not coil up into itself), one windshield mount, one Bluetooth GPS receiver that has only been used a few times (I already had one that I continued to use), and the SD cards w/adapters as pictured.

    Here are the specs per Palms site:

    Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin® Mobile XT™

    • $249.00Original Price

    Overview Find your way with the Palm® GPS Navigator for your Palm smartphone:

    Compatible Devices
    • Palm Centro
    • Treo 755p
    • Treo 750
    • Treo 700p
    • Treo 700wx
    • Treo 700w
    • Treo 680

    Special Offers

    Details Get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions right to the front door with the Palm® GPS Navigator featuring Garmin® Mobile XT™ software. With the latest NAVTEQ® U.S. and Canadian maps, it's easy to find fuel, restaurants, parks, airports, and other destinations. Garmin Online™ is also included, to help you avoid traffic tie-ups, view the weather forecast, locate the cheapest gas prices, and more1. And with 3-D mapping, an intuitive user interface, and simple touchscreen operation, you'll never need to re-fold another map again!


    • Easy setup--just insert the microSD card preloaded with maps into your compatible Palm smartphone for automatic installation and connection to GPS receiver
    • Vehicle device cradle securely holds your smartphone within reach
    • 2GB2 microSD card includes maps and over 6 million points of interest
    • Includes charging system


    • Garmin Mobile XT software
    • 2GB2 memory card with maps of the U.S. and Canada
    • GPS receiver powered by SiRFstarIII with Bluetooth® wireless technology and rechargeable battery
    • Vehicle device cradle with mounting bracket and suction cup pad
    • Vehicle power adapter for smartphone and GPS receiver
    • User documentation

    1 Wireless data services required. Traffic alerts are provided by Not all services available in all areas. See your service provider for applicable charges.
    2 Total user accessible capacity, approximately 1.8GB.

    Palm® smartphone sold separately.
    NOTE: I will take offers on any part of this, so if you want just the GPS receiver, charger cords or whatever just let me know. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Thanks!
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    I'm interested. But can you copy the maps from the 2g SD card to another card or do you have to use the supplied SD card? I have a bunch of stuff on a 4g SD card on my Centro which I'd like to maintain access to.
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    I have read on the "internet" that it can be done,but haven't tried myself. If you would like to do a search and find out first, let me know if you are still interested.
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    How much just for the charger. Mine never did work.


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    How about $10/shipped USPS? $15 for both? Want an extra windshield mount?

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