I could sure use some help with this one. I purchased an Omnisky modem for my prism earlier this summer. The very 1st day I could not get it to operate properly and contacted technical support. After about an hour or so we ended up dumping everything off the prism and starting over. After repeated "fatal errors" I called again about 2 to 3 weeks later then again about another week later fater that! I am convinced that I either have a real issue with my prism or with the Omnisky. Either way, I wanted them to take back the modem and refund me for the months not PREPAID for and NOT used. I found out today that due to the technical dept. telling me to try this and try that, I can NOT receive a refund due to being outside the 30 day window. Does this not sound like a scam? They work with you thru the 30 days so you can't hold them accountable? Is this the kind of Co. that Handspring and other want to work with. The outside issue is I have never rec'd the rebate either!