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    Treo 680 Accessories for sale

    (My 680 broke, am now using a Centro)

    OEM products
    Skin Cases (set of three: frosted, gray, pink) $8.
    1200 mAH battery (2 pieces) $10. each
    Sync/Charging cable $7.
    AC Charger $7.

    Third party products
    Skin Case $2.
    Sync/Charging Cradle with extra battery slot $15.

    Prices include shipping within USA.

    Make me an offer for any combo of the above.

    lieberson at gmail dot com
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    Ok. Were my prices high? Make me an offer on any of these.

    lieberson at gmail dot com
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    pictures? I wonder what the skin cases (both OEM nd 3rd party) look like. Were they bought from the TC Store, if so can you post a link?
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    The OEM cases are the Palm Flexi Cases.
    The other one was picked up somewhere on ebay.
    Also a picture of the cradle.
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