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    I acquired this Sprint Touch Pro with plans to tinker with and what not. Well it looks like I need some cash instead of a "tinkering" device.

    Shipping: USPS Flat Rate Priority W/delivery confirm.

    You get: Sprint Touch Pro, Box, Case,CD and Manuals, Headphones, Headphone Splitter. I do not have the charger or the USB cable with this phone.

    Condition: The chrome is chipped on a corner and along the sides as well. There is also some chipping around the USB port. The phone was not dropped from my understanding, it was just never carried in a case and keys in the pocket took the chrome right off. The keyboard does seem to have some play in it compared to my other Touch. The phone works perfectly though and the screen is free of any scratches. Clean Sprint ESN.

    Life Calls: 493
    Life Timer: 1251 Minutes
    Not a Refurb!
    Manufactures Dates: 10-15-08
    Activated: 10-28-08

    Sorry my camera sucks at close ups.

    Again phone works fine, just cosmetic damage. CLEAN SPRINT ESN!
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