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    Hey everyone...

    I recently bought a used Innogear MiniJam. I bought two additional MMC card for it, ideally to be able to swap them out, but I have found that the card is a little too delicate to carry with me when it's not in the MiniJam. So, I'd like to sell it. The Sandisk cards sell for between $79.95 and $90.00 new. I'd sell this for around $65.

    Let me know if you're interested.
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    I'll give you $50, actually has 64MB MMC cards starting at $63.00 new...
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    That's cool...why don't you PM me and I'll get your information. Or better yet, just email me...
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    Hey still interested?
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    yeah, I emailed you directly... look for it in your inbox!

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