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    Phone is FREE just take over the last 11 months of my ATT contract (minimum ~$40/mo). Over 2000 rollover minutes transfer with it. I got a new job with a Centro as a work phone so I never use the 680.

    Comes with charger, sync cable, car charger, hard clear case, soft clear silicon case, screen protectors, belt clip, 2GB SD card.

    The phone is in very good condition. I've had a screen protector on it since it was new and it has spent most of it's life in a protective case. Great looking phone. I actually prefer the 680/755's over the Centro because the keyboard is MUCH faster to type on. I miss it being my main phone but my work Centro is free.

    If you willing to finish up a <1 yr contract this is a great deal. Free 680 that is close to new, start out with a ton of rollover minutes and you'll be free and clear with it by the end of the year! I just don't want to pay ATT the $175 termination fee.
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    This would mean someone would be paying $440 for the phone and the service, why don't they just pay you the $175 for the termination fee and you give them the phone?

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