I am interested in selling a gently-used, 2 month old Visor Prism plus some accessories that I've picked up.

* Visor Prism in the original box with all the original materials (including the auto decal stickers which have never been used). This includes the USB cradle, software CD, hard cover, and leather slip-on case. The case has very slight signs of wear (1-2mm areas where paint has rubbed away), but the screen is in perfect condition (had a WriteRight protector on it first thing after I opened the box). $399 retail from handspring.com
* Targus Stowaway Keyboard (Visor edition) in near-mint condition. Rarely used (but very high quality -- I am definitely getting one for my next PDA), in original box with original materials. $99.99 retail from targus.com
* Hagiwara 16MB Flash module. Allows you to run (most) applications and access read-only databases (such as large books -- I had 4 versions of the Bible installed in it at one time) directly on the module. In original box with original materials. $114.95 retail from palmgear.com
* 12 WriteRight screen protectors (11 in the package, 1 on the screen of the Visor). $24.95 retail from CompUSA

I'm asking $450 OBO for this package. Please feel free to contact me via email. I live in the Columbus, Ohio metro area.