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    Here's whats included:

    Sprint Treo 700p
    Back Cover
    2 Palm OEM 1800mAh Batteries (5YNX2647006400, 5YNX2652014766)
    1 Seidio High capacity 2400mAh battery
    2 Treo sync cables
    5 3-in-1 stylii with pen
    1 original Sprint box, CD & manual

    I actually had the Sprint branded phone activated on the Verizon network (recognized as a 700w) so the ESN should be able to be activated on Verizon or Sprint (or any other CDMA carrier if you so wish). Contact me for the ESN if you would like to check on activation before purchasing.

    Price: $50 + shipping for the whole lot.

    Contact TJSunDevil*AT*, as I may or may not respond to PMs quickly.
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    I just reduced the price to $60 + shipping for everything!
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    I just PM'd you.

    Is this still available?

    Why does the photo show two phones? Are there actually two phones?

    Please advise.


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    Didn't get a PM. Try sending me an e-mail.

    The package is still available.

    I did have two phones in the original picture because I originally included a Verizon branded shell with a broken screen, but that was purchased. I should have updated the picture but forgot. So you get everything in the picture minus the Verizon branded phone & box.
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    $50 + shipping
    better hurry, I'm going to put it on Ebay soon
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    Do you still have this phone? Can you PM me? Thanks
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