I have a silver Enfora Sled for a Treo 650. It's been rarely-used, it looks brand new, and it's always been kept charged-up. I have all the original stuff: retail box, charger, charger plug-adapters, CD, quick-start guide, and battery cover replacement. It's even still got the "static" plastic that covers the logo on the front. Although I occasionally use it I've been thinking that maybe I should sell it to someone who really needs it rather than have it mostly go unused. So I thought I'd offer it directly to Treo "enthusiasts" on this and other forums to see if someone wants to make me an offer that will sway me to sell it rather than keep it. Original retail was $149, but they don't make them anymore so there's that rarity/scarcity factor. Contact me with questions or requests for pictures at joewrap<@>yahoo.com (replace "<@>" with just "@").