I received this about a week ago, tried it all last week and while very nice, I know I won't use it. So I am selling it for what I bought it for 90.00 you can get it cheaper on E-bay. This includes all materials in almost original condition, no scratches scuffs or marks but I did try everything out. I also followed the posted information on charging the battery correctly, so if you want it drop me a line and we can set up arrangements. The place I use to ship from only uses UPS so whoever wants it will have to send me their ZIP code so I can find out how much shipping costs will be. Buyer pays for shipping. If no one wants it then I'll just throw it up on E-bay but I thought someone here who was following the thread on this handheld might want to try it out. I accept PayPal and Cashiers Checks or Money Orders


my address gracianov1@hotmail.com