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    GF's sprint isurance sent her a brand new 800w as a replacement but she wants to go back to Palm OS.

    Anyone want this?

    Brand new, but no original box or manual.

    -I have original cables, sync, and battery all freshly sealed and new accessories.

    quick sale pm me.
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    How much do you want for it?
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    No original box or manual usually means refurb. Can you post a pic to verify that it's brand new?
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    well she found the box to her original phone.

    going to ebay this phone.

    fyi: ESN swapped just to check on online activation does not indicate the ESN being a REC (recondition)
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    No pics of the phone to verify?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    No pics of the phone to verify?
    nsxprime =Mr. Annoying.

    What's there to prove anyway? I have been on this board forever, Man....I have sold many many items here and have pretty great credibility on this forum.

    But to make you happy, here are the shots.

    POsted a 1 day listing on ebay so its being sold tonight.

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    Still no pictures to prove that it's not a refurb. I'll be watching Ebay.

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