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    BT GPS Receiver
    G33 - 51 channel ultra low power system

    G33 BT GPS Receiver is a total solution of GPS receiver with MediaTek 51 channel all-in-view tracking technology. GPS antenna, BT transmit/receive system are included. It is designed on the most advantage MediaTek Single Chip Solution (MT3318), got the full-function, and RoHS compliant, industry-level locating capacity and low prices.

    G33 also have the high sensitivity and high signal reception. With the BT technology, it is very suitable for connected with many device for navigation such as SmartPhone, PDA and laptop without any wire. It is very easy to operate for most of people.


    High Sensitivity, -158dBm(Tracking)

    51 channel all in view tracking, supported WAAS and EGNOS

    Fast Position Fix, Cold start <36s, Hot start <1s

    Superior Urban Canyon Performance

    Work with PDA, Cell Phone, Computer

    Compatible with all navigation software

    RoHS compliant

    Removable Battery


    Working Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz
    C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
    Satellite Tracking Count 51 channel
    Sensitivity -158dBm
    Antenna Type Built in low noise active antenna

    Acquiring Position Speed
    Cold Start <36 Sec, average
    Warm Start <34 Sec, average
    Hot Start <1 Sec, average
    Reacquisition Time <1 Sec
    Refresh Rate 5 Hz

    Acquiring Position Accurancy
    Position 3m CEP(50%), without SA (horizontal)
    WAAS/EGNOS <2.5m
    Speed 0.1 m/sec
    Time 100 ns RMS

    Acquiring Position Range
    Altitude <18,000m
    Speed <515m/sec
    Acceleration <4G
    GPS Protocol NMEA 0183(V3.01) GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC,VTG
    Baud Rate 38400,N,8,1
    Input Power 5V DC
    Power consumption 45mA average

    Working Environment
    Working Temp. -10C ~ +70C
    Relative Humidity 5% ~ 95% un-compressed

    Also throwing in a vent holder for the device ....
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    Did I miss the price or did you forget to put it in the posting?
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    i was taking offers for it .... make me a resonable price and it is yours....
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    bump, $40 shipped

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