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    Blue, comes with AC charger, sync cable and 4GB Kingston Mini-SD card.

    It is about 4 months old. It is obviously used but in excellent shape with no scratches. Was a brand new Sprint replacement for my 700WX history of problems. Bought a Centro last month since I wanted something smaller.

    It is perfect shape. Not sure if I still have the box though. $100 shipped UPS in continental US.

    Heatware under leeber. PM if interested.
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    Do you still have the phone? If so what is the preffered payment method?
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    I do still have it. Paypal would be fine with me.
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    I notice you have a few programs installed and you have had a few problems from reading your post. Is there a way to set the ohone back to its stock state? I dont install any programs on my phones...
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    I will do a hard reset, which I already did after I got my Centro. It works fine. Just certain programs I had made the crashes.
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    I sent a private email asking for some pics. i would like to buy. just let me know what needs to be done. i have never bought off of here before...
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    Pics sent via PM
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    Sold to Kwood

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