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    FYI, Fry's is selling refurbished VDX for $99 in Houston.
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    Portland, OR too.

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    J&R in New York City has them as well.
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    Phoenix area Fry's are also offering VDX for $99 - ad states that price applies to refurbished Vdx - Graphite only according to today's ad
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    It's interesting that it is graphite only (here too). Probably just to simplify inventory and supply of these units to the stores.
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    do they have an online store or just brick and morter?
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    Notice that handspring warrenty page (sorry no link on me tonight) has a new warrenty for refurb units. It used to be that if you got a replacement unit off the standard warrent,y there was a clause in their that said you had a 90 day warrenty - now it's a whole seperate thign.. cool
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    Fry's has a website ( but, it's for informational purposes only (store locations, etc.), no sales.

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