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    Hello. I'd like to upgrade to the treo 800w. I'd like to sale my palm centro. It will include:

    Red Palm Centro (with minimal scratches or blemishes)
    Original box with all original contents
    3 Stylus (1 metal/normal stylus. 2 plastic)
    Extra battery
    Extra sync cable
    Extra wall charger

    I will not include the memory card as it will fit my treo 800w

    I have Butler, treo lnchr, installed though I'm not sure if I can switch ownership over but if possible, I will. I was thinking maybe 130 shipped? I'm open to suggestions. I have 100% feedback as a buyer/seller on both sprintusers and ebay. My name on sprint users is Kiesha and ebay is teknike if you would like to verify. If I think of something else to add, I'll post. I've also included two shots.
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