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    Selling my 2 months old Sprint Mogul. Asking price $180 OBO... I used this phone for writing reviews and testing before buying Treo 800w that I currently used. Selling my Mogul to get some money to put towards my next phone. Comes in the original packaging with all the accessories - Phone, battery, charger, stylus, manuals, etc...

    I have a black skin on the phone which makes the phone look unique...

    I have a screen protector on it from day one. So, once you'll peel it off you'll see a clean screen. 100% no marks or scratches.
    Also, I'll throw in a CAR CHARGER as a bonus.

    Upgraded the ROM - So GPS works perfectly. I have a lot of software installed on it:
    HTC Home
    Opera Mini
    Picture Viewer
    Sprint Navigation
    SPB Backup
    Touchpal keyboard (best on screen keyboard)
    WkTask Manager

    So, just let me know what you would like on there or I can just hard reset the phone and send it to you - your call..
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    Have you tried craigslist yet? I just sold mine for about the same price there.
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