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    The Perfect Christmas Present

    The first Treo to use the Windows Mobile platform. This compact PDA phone features a QWERTY mini-keyboard, EV-DO high-speed data, and Windows Mobile version 6.0. Other features include Bluetooth, WiFi, speakerphone, megapixel camera, and an SDIO card slot..

    This package includes the following:

    Palm Treo 700wx with WM 6 & screen protector in good to excellent condition
    Extra Battery
    4 GB SCHC card
    Palm Leather side case with card storage space
    Extra Screen Protector
    Desktop Cradle w/Data, Power and International power connectors
    Car Charger
    Two extra USB Data and two extra Wall power plugs
    Arkon Windshield Mount
    Original Box with all manuals and disks
    Spectec SDW 821 WiFi Card b/g speeds

    Price is $150 Shipped to lower 48

    Please PM me if interested. I take PayPal

    Remember; he who dies with the most toys makes his heirs happy.
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    No, I meant Verizon or Sprint lol.
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    Let's try this again. I used it on the Verizon data plan giving full internet, emai, text capabilities with no problem at all. I also used the WiFi card when a hot spot was available. It's not quite as fast but much cheaper than haveing an unlimited data plan.

    I forgot to mention in the ad that it comes with a second battery as well.

    Quite a bargain for all that's included at this price.
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    Bump, still for sale. Over $300 total value if bought separately on eBay.

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