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    The Incase Moya/X-Traveler Bag is a shoulder bag that can carry a lot of stuff. You can see it at their site

    It has a main pocket big enough for a large paperback book, a cell-phone pocket along one strap, a zippered pocket behind the main area, and smaller pockets suitable for a PDA, pens, etc. It is most comfortable to carry when slung over the neck and an arm, but goes over a shoulder nicely as well!

    The price at the website is $60. Mine is like new, and I will sell it for $40 or the best offer.
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    I might be interested, but having trouble finding the case on their web site to view. Help?
    I believe from your discription that this is what I've been looking for.

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    Hi, just me again.

    Please email me when you can.

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    Oops- not www.incase, should be! Sorry!

    Go to 'products', then to the circle labeled 'cross'. It is not the easiest site to navigate- 'cool' rather than intuitive. Great products, though!
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    Thank you!

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