I am auctioning my deluxe at ebay:

Here's the description:

This is a great deal especially if you're a medical student or need medical software, which are very expensive!!
I am selling my Visor Deluxe b/c I am buying a Visor Prism. My Deluxe is only 3 months old--there are no scratches and I've had no problems with it. It is still in its original condition. I will ship it in the original box.
Here is what I will include:
1. Visor deluxe (graphite) plus original stylus(has screwdriver and reset pin) and snap cover
2. Pentopia stylus (worth $15)--this stylus has a reset pin and a pen inside--it is lighter than the original stylus and feels very smooth on the screen
3. Black Leather case
4. Original CD to install all the basic programs
5. USB Hotsync cradle--much faster than serial cradles
6. New batteries!--2 AAA batteries
7. Software (worth at least $200)--Definitely take advantage of this! Since I have a lot of software, I would not mind pre-installing them on the Deluxe for you. I can include some software on the Deluxe or on floppy disks, depending on the file size, along with the shipment. Whoever wins the auction can email me and request software. If I have the program or something similar to it, I will let you know and I will install it on the Deluxe before I ship it. If you need medical software or if you're a medical student, you will find this to be an excellent deal!!

Some examples of software I can include:
Lexidrugs 2000, 5 Minute Clinical Consult, X-master hacks(Character Hack, MiddleCapsHack, Switch Hack), games(ex. Bejeweled), ebooks, utilities, document readers, database programs, and much, much more. Feel free to email me even before the auction ends if you are looking for certain software. All this can be worth at least $400!!

As for payment, I prefer money orders, paypal, billpoint, or personal checks.

Shipping will be a flat fee of $10. I will ship using UPS with insurance.