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    Sprint Treo 755 in REALLY GREAT condition. Won't say excellent because it was used for a couple of months, but ABSOLUTELY no noticeable scratches or signs of wear.

    Bundled with TomTom Navigator Bluetooth GPS for PDA.

    Details & Pic at

    Posting here first because TreoCentral is my source for Treo news. And I respect the forum contributors.

    I will take paypal. If you are in NYC, cash and meetup can be arranged...I'll wait with you to get the ESN swap done if you prefer.

    email is preferred over PM.
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    I'm BACK!!!
    Treo 650 -> Treo 755p-> iPhone 3g -> Palm Pre
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    dropped price to $250...need to sell. make me a serious offer. Really dont want to have to go on ebay. I have other accessories too, I just need to dig them up. Like I have the palm softtouch case (was for the 650). I also have the seidio headphone adapter with inline answer/volume control. This lets you use any headphones you want as a headset.
    I'm BACK!!!
    Treo 650 -> Treo 755p-> iPhone 3g -> Palm Pre

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