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    I have a 800w that has been used for only 2 weeks. There is absolutely no scratches, scuffs, or imperfections of any kind on it. This phone is selling for $249 at Sprint with new contract - get it for less than $50 more with no strings attached.

    Included accessories:

    - Sync cable
    - Charger
    - Battery
    - Headphones
    - Box
    - Manual
    - Stylus

    Extra accessories:

    - Extra battery ($30 value)
    - ZAG full device protective skin (Installed, $25 value)
    - 2 high-quality silicone cases, 1 brand new ($20 value)
    - OEM car charger ($25 value)

    For everybody's protection, I'm accepting paypal only. E-mail me with any questions:
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    Why are you selling? How's the earpiece clarity?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    Why are you selling? How's the earpiece clarity?
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    Check out the 800W forum to get an idea of any of the issues with the 800w. The major complaint is battery life, and 2 extended batteries have been released to address this. Personally, I've never had a problem with battery life.

    I have the Touch Diamond on the way, and I can't justify having more than 1 cell phone.
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    If still available and I am interested. Willing to accept $275 shipped?

    I can send payment ASAP as I broke mine recently.

    Thank you!


    email me if interested at

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