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    I'm looking for a replacement keypad for my Palm Centro. I'm speaking of the piece that is under the buttons. My end call button doesnt work, and I've tracked it down to being that part. If anyone has one let me know please.
    And name your price.
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    Bump.. .Still looking for one. Someone out there has to have a dead Centro they are willing to let go of.
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    I have one. It was dropped outside and ran over just a bit. The keyboard on the outside looks good but I'm not sure if it works. The LCD is busted so....
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    Kiesha I might be interested as well. Does the 5 way pad at least sound and feels like it is working? How much you are asking?
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    Yes it does appear to work. I've never sold a phone that wasn't working. I'm up for negotiations. I have 100% feedback with ebay under my id teknike.
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    sounds good, could you post some pictures?
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    kiesha, im still interested, i tried to pm you but the forum doesn't let me. my email is below in the attached pic.
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    So sorry, I don't log on much. I'm on my way to bed but I will take some tomorrow and post them by tomorrow night.
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    I declare, I am slower than molasses in January. I apologize about the long delay. I've been working a lot and don't have a lot of time to log on. Here are two shots. Hope it has what you want. I will not include the battery nor stylus. It will be the phone and back cover only. The LCD screen is pretty much out. Also, initially I lost this phone and Sprint replaced it. Someone found it recently and returned it to me so I doubt the ESN is clear but if you want it for parts only, then should not be an issue. I'm still not sure about the price. Nothing too outrageous... Let me know your thoughts on the price. I'm open to anything.
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    kiesha, thanks for the pictures but i am no longer interested. I was able to buy they keypad only on ebay.

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