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    Is there any other way to get a FULL replacement enclosure for a Visor, other than ordering one from Dave Design, or buying another unit? I wouldn't mind having an ICE enclosure for my Platinum and I would love a Dave Design enclosure, but I just can't spend $250 on an enclosure. I know that there are replacement face plates out there and that you can get a Graphite case from, but I want something different.
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    $250?!?!? I wonder if you could just get a $200 ice visor deluxe and take off its enclosure, and put it on your platinum.

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    I moved this one to market place, maybe someone will sell you an enclosure...

    good luck!
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    I would certainly encourage anyone looking for replacement oem enclosures for HS or Palm to visit gethightech's excellent site.

    Anyone who might be considering one of our machined enclosures for Visors should take a look at our latest addition, the "Standard". In response to many comments and emails regarding the price of the full version, not only are we offering the "lite" (faceplate and buttons only), but we've pared our complete enclosure kit to it's essence, offering just the 2 case halves and buttons for substantially less than the full version, $175 for this new variation. It's available in silver anodize only. The "Complete" version has the addition of a machined battery cover and has provisions for a future planned flip cover (the stock battery cover works fine in our enclosure). Anyone who preordered the original complete version from our website is welcome to "downgrade" to the standard if they so desire.


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