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    FYI: I have also posted this on ppcgeeks

    I have the following phones for sale, all are in like new condition with prices listed (Accessories will go with listed phones). I can take detailed photos or provide a better description if anyone desires. Reasonable offers will be considered and I am willing to ship at buyers expense.

    **Please note the Motorola V3m, Samsung m610, Palm Treo 700wx are still currently in service until 9/30/08 when I plan on canceling my account. If anyone is interested in these phones we can work something out as I do not wish to exchange money until I am able to ship the same day as money is received**

    Motorola V3M $75
    -Battery holds charge for ~12hrs

    Nokia $30
    -6016i (QTY 2)
    --Leather Case

    -Treo 700wx $190

    -SPH-A800 $40
    --Samsung Case

    -SPH-M610 $100
    --2 std batteries
    --1 Extended battery
    --Car Charger

    -SPH-A460 $10
    --Samsung Case

    -SCP-4900 $10
    --2 Leather Cases
    --Car Charger

    -SCP-5300 $30
    --Extended Battery
    --Plastic Clip Hip Holster
    --Car Charger

    -SCP-5500 $50
    --Plastic Clip Hip Holster
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