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    I have a Slipper Prism case for sale as I purchased a VisorPhone and can't use the case anymore. It's the Slipper Prism with clip (e&b website) and I paid a total of $48.95 (that included shipping). I'm willing to sell it shipped for $30 (continental US). The only catch: I can't seem to find the belt clip. However, has the clip on sale right now for only $4.95.

    This is a great case (read the reviews here on VisorCentral) and it's only been used about 3 weeks.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Wow I can't believe you paid $48 dollars for this case. Presently the company is offering them for $36.95 with free priority shipping (thats the price for the one with out the clip). I am very interested in buying this case from you but I think I could only give you $25 shipped. For me to get that belt clip shipped to me it will cost $6 so thats why I feel this price is more reasonable.

    Also would like to know what condition the case is in. Did you ever use it? Do you still have the packaging?

    Would love to hear back from you.


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    Hi Josh,
    I guess I paid a little too much, but that's the price for being an early adopter. I used the case just under a month and it's in great condition. Still has that "new leather" smell and looks brand new. If you hold it just right in the light, you can see some marks, but I'm not sure if those are scuffs or just part of the grain in the leather. I can send you a close up picture if you'd like. EBcases has this model for $39.95 so I'd rather wait and see if I can sell it for $30.

    How about this, if I get no offers by next Monday 7/16), I'll sell it to you for $25?

    Thanks, Steve.
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    I found the belt clip so it's now a complete package. I'll still leave the price at $30 shipped.

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    Case has been sold.


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