Available until Saturday on Ebay auction # 1254754760:


This is a complete package for the serious road warrior or novice PDA enthusiast. Auction is for a Handspring Visor Prism Color PDA with everything you need for full mobility and expansion.

* Package includes:
* Handspring Visor Prism in excellent condition
* TWO (2) Hotsynch cradles USB and Serial! Keep in synch at home and at the office or school.
* A Handsping back-up module - quick and safe back-ups anywhere, anytime.
* Novatel Minstrel-S Wireless Modem - complete wireless connectivity for email or web browsing at any location. Modem can be adapted for use with either YadaYada or Omnisky services.
* Franklin Covey (non-leather) case
* Software Install Disk and manual

**BUY IT NOW** only $450.00!!

Buyer pays $6 US shipping.

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