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    A used Treo 680 smartphone/PDA. It was bought unlocked from Palm in early 2007. You need to supply the sim card. It has a few superficial scuffs and scratches, and a chip on the left side, but works perfectly.

    Comes with all included software, 2 charge and sync cables and 2 AC charge plugs. Also includes a 1 GB SD card. Also includes a headset (wired) that can be used for phone calls or listening to music. The Treo 680 Music disk (which has an advanced version of pTunes on it and a trial of Yahoo Music, never used).

    I have two cases that I am including (a smartphone expoerts magnetic form fitting flip case, and a PalmOne flip case). I also have a rubberized skin case somewhere - if I find it, you can have it. Also includes the following software (purchased on CD or SD card) - Palm Game Pak, Sudoku Deluxe, Madden 06, HoldEm Poker and Casino Collection, and Super 15 Solitaire. All this for $150.

    I am also selling the Palm GPS Navigator Car kit - comes with a car kit (with built in GPS receiver and set up to use the Treo as a speakerphone in the car. Comes with a microSD card (and SD Adapter) with the TomTom 6 maps, and the TomTom 6 DVD (for Palm OS). Only used with the previously mentioned Treo. Car cable included. This is great for turn by turn directions on the Treo 680 or 700p (only). Bought about 4 months ago. $75.

    Lastly, I am selling another GPS receiver (a bluetooth hockey puck kind) that can also be used with the Treo, another palm PDA, or any other device that can connect via bluetooth. The hockey puck is a little beaten up, but still works. Includes TomTom 5 CD's with maps for Palm OS. I believe there is one activation "available" on the unit, but you can always contact TomTom to get another activation. GPS receiver can be used with other software. It uses a normal, mini USB adapter cable to charge. Included is a car charger (which also comes with a cable to charge a Treo). Bought in 2006. $50

    Or buy it all for $250. Feel free to make an offer.

    First come first served.

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    How much JUST for the treo 680 and charger?
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    I'm interested in either of the GPS setups if you still have them.

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