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    I just don't use it anymore, and when I did it was probably only a couple times a month. I've opened this thing more times to show people how cool it was than actually opening it to get work done I'm sure someone else can put it to much better use.

    It's in great condition except for one small scratch on the front black metal panel (3mm x 1/4"), and a couple tiny nicks on the top right corner. Works perfectly. I can provide scans if desired. Internals are in very good to new condition.

    Comes with original packing, original driver cd and user's guide.

    Asking $70 - Buyer pays for shipping method of his/her choice.

    I prefer paypal for payment (I have a verified account).

    My flawless feedback rating at eBay for reference: (
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    I'm open to any offers..
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    Vertigo...what model is it for? Mt friend might be interested.
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    Vertigo...what model is it for? My friend might be interested.
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    Deluxe, Platinum, Prism.

    I used it with my Deluxe, and a couple times with my Prism.
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    Thanks...I sent this thread to my friend.
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    Ironicly I use my Stowaway about that much too. Mostly it was for a show and tell thing, because people would see this nifty little keyboard and want me to open it up for them all the time. I think I've only done 2 actual projects with it, and filling out my monthly calandar of stuff. Hopefully I will use mine in college more than I have in HS. Good luck selling it, ebay perhaps?
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    I thought someone here would jump on it, but I guess not.
    I'll put it up on eBay in a few days..

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    The stowaway has been sold.

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