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    I am swapping over to a basic clamshell, so it is time to part ways with my treo life.

    I did an insurance exchange this morning, and I have a brand new, pulled from retail box, Blue 755p.

    In addition to the phone itself, I've got a small army of accessories.

    • OEM Palm Charging Cradle (charges an extra battery, fits all treo models with the athena connector)
    • Palm Universal Travel Charger (swaps the plugs on the end of the charge cable for use in other countries)
    • 3 Palm Sync Cables (2 of the larger full athena style ones, and one of the slightly thinner "half athena"
    • 3 different stereo adapters (the official palm "elbow style" one, the official palm power->stereo, and a seido athena->stereo one)
    • Palm Stereo Ear Buds with mic
    • Another Official Palm Wall Charger
    • A 2 Gigabyte Transcend MiniSD card with full SD adapter and case

    Again, this isn't a refurb unit, has a brand new battery, and is less than 12 hours old :P The screen protector was removed by the customer service rep, but I placed it in a bag as soon as I brought it home and he will stay safe till it ships out.

    Asking $185 shipped to your door for the whole shabang. Rather sell him off here than have to go to fleabay :>

    Please PM me with any questions
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Do you still have the phone?

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