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    The General consensus among people here it appears, (staff....), is that we have too many forums. I storngly disagree, but more agree. I don't think we should concentrate on software too much though, we're more into hardware - I hope. But software is good, and big apps relases (wordsmith 2.0) we'll put our money too.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I agree that we're here for the hardware, but we should still concentrate on software not just big software releases. Software can make or break a springboard module. Look at the Magellan GPS and it's compatibility with almost any GPS software compared to HandyGPS and its proprietary software. Another example would be FAFileMover and the early CompactFlash adapters (MatchBookDrive) and how far the software has taken those. When I got my adapter all i could do was manually copy stuff too and from the RAM. Then Brayder came out with their version of JackBack for CF now my Visor automatically backs itself up. Now they have VFS in beta and the options are almost limitless.

    I think general Palm OS software maybe shouldn't be discussed as much or should have it's own forum. But software specific to Visors/Springboards have a very important role in strengthening the Visor line of PDA's and it's important for us to concentrate on this.

    One more thing....

    I storngly disagree, but more agree.

    hmmm... confusing...
    You know it's bad when your Calculus Professor uses the word "Unpossible"

    "It's a long way from my thoughts to what I'll say, It's a long, long way from paradise to where I am today." -Switchfoot, Home
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    heh, i just posted to say the flag is very amusing.

    I suppose it is supposed to make me feel patriotic about going there, as gas stations and car dealers do the same.

    Sorry, just have residue from my econ class influencing how i see things.
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    also, i just thought the quote was amusing:

    "..making it as easy and simple, for your enjoyment!"

    As easy and simple as what?
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    I storngly disagree, but more people agree. (sound better?) forogt the people part..


    Any software that's springboard related in any way, I think is completly welcome here, and some of it should be reviewied! I also think that the apps people live by (Wordsmith.. zap2016) have their place here, like any other site. We aren't into small springboard-unrelated apps though. That's another website.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks for helping me (and others?) appreciate what this site is really for. I have not found any other sites to be nearly as well organized/easy to navigate/to the point as VC, so pls forgive me for wishing it could answer all my PDA questions. I guess what I really need is a 'geek next door'!

    PS/ The quote (below) is now properly attributed to it's rightful author.
    'Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler'--Albert Einstein
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    I agree with you as far as the forums go. I like have several forums. I don't read all of them, so I can just pick what I am interested in, and I like the definition it brings to each one.

    However, I disagree with you in that I can think of no better place to talk software as well. These are the people I am familiar with when it comes to talking about my Visor, so I will trust their opinion more than any other. Once again, that's the beauty of so many different can read only what you want.
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    The other key is that software has been known to run differently on some Visors than on Palms, particularly with 3.1, 3.5, etc. That's why I often come here to ask questions instead of more general forums.
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    You got moxy...I'll give you that.
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