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    I have a lightly used (but in great shape!) Seidio G4100M hands free car kit that is compatible with Treo 700P/W models. I had this in a car that we recently sold and the new car has Bluetooth, so I don't need this any longer. It is a great car kit for anyone that wants something to hold and charge their device, allows hands free calling, connection to Bluetooth devices (like a GPS) AND has STEREO audio output to play through your car audio system (using Aux input or FM modulator).

    I have all the original accessories. The only item that shows any wear is the mic wire, as it has a few light kinks from the original installation, it still works great.

    These are currently selling new for $90 here. I will sell this for $55 including shipping, paid via PayPal, OBO. Please PM me for details.

    Full details from Seidio:
    The G4100M Car Kit provides the foundation to turn your Treo 700 into a system that includes a state of the art real-time navigation system and MP3 Player. This GPS-Ready car kit allows you to use your Treo's built-in Bluetooth capabilities to connect to a GPS receiver. Plus, the true stereo output you receive through the Audio Output allows you to listen to all of your favorite MP3s!

    The G4100M includes the following features:

    GPS Receiver Compatibility - You have the option of using your Treo 700's built-in Bluetooth capabilities to connect to a Bluetooth receiver (sold separately). Combine a GPS receiver with the GPS software of your choice, and you're on your way!

    Multifunction Cradle - The G4100M securely holds your Treo 700 in place and comes equipped with the needed components to mount your Treo 700 in one of two ways: an 8-inch windshield pedestal and an air vent pedestal. A 360-degree swivel base adaptor is also included that allows for optimal viewing placement.

    External Microphone - A High Quality external microphone is included to help ensure that your phone conversations come through loud and clear on the other end.

    Audio Output - The G4100M includes an stereo audio out port that allows routing your output (GPS commands and MP3s) through your car's audio system using the optional FM Transmitter Kit. This is the only 4100 series car kit that allows for true stereo output.

    DC Power Input - The G4100M includes a DC charger so your Treo 700 has a continuous power source whenever it is docked. You may purchase our hardwire cable separately, which allows you to connect the cradle directly to your vehicle's electrical system, bypassing the need for the included DC charger.

    DC Power Output - The G4100M includes a DC output port that can be used for powering other devices without having to use an additional power adapter, with the use of an appropriate adapter cable. You can also power the FM Transmitter (purchased separately) directly from the cradle with the purchase of our optional DC power adapter cable.

    B/T Headset Capability - For added privacy and convenience, B/T headsets can be used while your Smartphone is in the cradle.

    What is included:

    * G4100M cradle
    * Cigarette lighter DC power cord
    * 8" super strong suction windshield pedestal
    * Air vent pedestal
    * 360 degree swivel adapter
    * Locking plate
    * External microphone
    * Earpiece
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    This has been moved to eBay, $9.99 starting bid...

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