I have this up on eBay, but would glady sell it here first.
Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=320265058001

I have pictures in the above link to eBay.

Nothing much to say. I have a brand spanking new housing on this phone, so its like new.
Everything works, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
I switched to AT&T so I don't need this anymore.
I had this activated on my own account, and deactivated it properly. I say this so that no one starts thinking that this is stolen. The ESN is clean. You will have no problems activating this phone.

This will also come with a few extras:
GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (so that you can have turn-by-turn Navigation on your phone!!!) I bought this new for $120.
Palm Hard Case
Tumi Ballistic Nylon case
Seidio extended battery 2400mAh
Palm charging adapter
Palm sync cable
a couple retractable USB "charge and sync" cables
one additional OEM Palm housing (so that you can swap out a scratched housing for a new one and have a scratch-free phone again!!!)
all the paperwork and the original CD

You can email me at jasoncyap1@gmail.com