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    Purchased from Palm. Used for about 18months, couple of scratches on the case, but otherwise in good working condition. This device served me well.

    I am including, (1) internal and (1) extra battery, (1) Palm Desktop Charger, (2) AC wall chargers, (2) USB sync and charge cables. Original Box, Palm OS CD.

    Was asking $225.00 New Asking Price $100
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    I remain a motivated seller. Pictures uploaded per request of a couple of interested buyers. I will also absorb Shipping Costs
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    This is unlockled GSM? Is it a worthy upgrade from a Treo 650 (which I've got)?
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    I upgrade from a 650 to the 680, and was happier in most respects with the 680. Neither is perfect, but I wanted the latest and greatest. It was when I bought it, but its been a while.
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    I will still cover shipping.
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    Check your pm. I'll take it.
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    still for sale?
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