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    For auction: Mint Visor Platinum at eBay. See Visor Platinum on eBay

    For sale:
    Like NIB Stowaway keyboard for Visor. $80 obo.
    Used ThinModem, upgraded to 56K. $85 obo.
    Used Remote Access 2MB memory module with flashing LED and vibrating alerts. $30 obo.


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    The auction is still ongoing, $175 at time of writing. Auction ends on Saturday around noon, EST.

    Plus, the other items are going up for auction tonight, probably a 3-day. If you'd like to make an offer on those, should do it soon....

    Thanks all,

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    Stowaway and Thinmodem are up on eBay now. Here's the links:



    Thanks all!
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    Visor and Stowaway have found new homes. Thinmodem still going for a ridiculously low price....

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    Last day on the Thinmodem! Auction ends tonight at around 8 EST.

    Thanks for all the responses so far!

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    Finally got around to posting the auction for the Remote Solution Memory access module (LED/vibration/2 MB storage). Please see this link for details: ebay auction

    Thanks all!


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