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    I am selling my Treo 680 that I bought through Cingular in December 2006. It has been flashed with the latest Palm/AT&T update and then I installed the custom ROM image described in this thread. It essentially debranded the Treo. I have also obtained the subsidy unlock code from AT&T and unlocked the Treo so it can be used on AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. networks.
    This Treo has been very solid since I installed the custom ROM image. The screen is in perfect condition - I have had a screen protector on from the start.

    Disclosure: I have dropped it twice. This last time, I thought I had busted it up good because it was not performing well. However, after I "upgraded" to another cellphone, I found that the SIM card was loose (I guess after the drop) and when I put a new SIM card in, it worked perfectly. It has two marks where I dropped it. One small crack on the lower right side by the return key and another mark on the top left corner. Neither seem to affect the proper operation. I can try to get good pictures if requested.
    I lost the power charger, but I am including a car charger and a couple of SD cards (256mb Corsair 60x and a Sandisk 512mb Ultra II).

    I am asking $100.00. I will throw in a used Palm Leather Side Case.

    I am also selling several accessories listed below.

    Seidio Inno.dock junior + AC Power Kit = $20.00

    Seidio 1600mAh battery = $25.00

    Seidio Rubberized Clip Holster (UNskinned Treo) = $10.00

    Seidio Hold 'N Store Case Holster (for Skinned/SuperSlim case) + Seidio SuperSlim Hybrid Case = $15.00

    All prices are PLUS actual shipping costs (US only) zip to zip whichever method you want - Paypal only, please.
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    Hmmmm . . . . any offers?
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    I can paypal you $50 + s/h, PM me if interested
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    My offer - $75/shipped.

    let me know
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    Treo is sold. Thanks!

    Some good accessories still there, though. I'll include First Class or Parcel Post USPS shipping on the accessories.
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    Still have the accessories here.
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    Battery has been sold on ebay. Thanks.

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