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    Selling a Sprint Treo 700wx Box and other miscellaneous items that came with it.

    The Following items are included:
    • The Yellow Box
    • Sprint "Subscriber Agreement" booklet
    • Sprint "Experience Power Vision" booklet
    • Sprint/Palm "Getting Started Guide" booklet
    • Sprint/Palm "Setting Up Email Guide" booklet
    • Palm "End User License Agreement"
    • Sprint "Terms and Conditions of Services effective September 1, 2005"
    • Limited Warranty not sure if It is Sprint's or Palm's
    • Sprint "Read This First" booklet
    • Sprint "Bienvenido A sprint" some Spanish Booklet
    • $100 Cash Back Coupon for Sprint PCS Subscribers for Audible probably expired, but I don't see any date on it.
    • Opened Sprint Mobile CD which contains ActiveSync, Outlook 2002, User Guide, Productivity and Entertainment Software
    • Welcome to Sprint pamphlet

    NOTE: A TREO 700WX OR ANY ACTUAL PHONE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PURCHASE. I am selling because the box has been sitting in my closet for months and it is taking up space. Maybe someone needs a box or something along those lines.

    PM me or reply me a offer!!!

    Don't forget to check the attached picture...
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