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    Just one week old, this Green Visor Deluxe has all you need in a handheld. Includes 8 MB of RAM, lets you store up to 12,000 addresses, 10 years of appointments, 6,000 to do items, and much, much more.NO box included, with a USB cradle and Palm Desktop software, stylus & leather case included .fully compatible with Windows and MacIntosh. You can even transfer existing Palm™ data to your Visor with just one touch. Handspring's unique Springboard™ expansion slot means your Visor can become a digital camera, a wireless modem, or even a phone. And since it's plug-and-play you simply snap in a module and it works! Buyer responsible for shipping. PLZ Note: the OS on this Visor Deluxe is in German....
    I need 175.00 US for it
    interested contact me
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    I was curious, can you change the OS to English?
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    If it was possible I certenlly would`nt be selling it..

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