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    For sale is a gently used 8GB Apple iPhone. it has a couple of scratches on the corners but otherwise in great shape. It comes with box, manual, original headphones, SIM card, usb cable, power adapter and charger stand. Also included in the sale is an Apple bluetooth headset, DLO jam jacket case and DLO hip case. All are in excellent condition.

    Asking $500 or best offer. Accept paypal only for payment. Thank you.

    Having issues uploading pix. PM me with email address and I will send you pix.
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    $250 shipped 3g coming out soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by stayfly View Post
    $250 shipped 3g coming out soon
    ...depends on whether at&t or apple will let u just buy the iphone and activte urself...from what i have read, u will be req to activate the 3g iphone b4 u walk out of the store..thats 39.99 + 30 (data) + tax for 24 mon!!!
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    Yeah, but you'll have to pay for service with a used one, too. Good luck getting to the OP, but $500 for an "obsolete" iPhone is going to be a tough sell.
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