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    Hey guys,

    My centro fell out of my pocket and hit my office chair breaking the screen. I replaced it with the Touch...Love it BTW. Anyway, i'm not sure what a Centro with a broken screen and normal signs of wear go for, let's say 100 obo. OBO = OBO so lemme know what it's worth to ya. Phone still worked w/o screen, just kind of hard to use

    BTW, this is the Black CDMA (Sprint) phone, and I have already removed the broken screen. I'll include any cables that came w/ the phone, etc..

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    remember.... this is OBO, it's of no use to me as i've replaced it with the Touch
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    maybe you should put it on ebay as a parts phone?
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    ill pm you
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    Figured i'd put it here. I'm not a big ebay seller, actually i've never sold anythign on ebay.
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    second to Last bump
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    Is 100 not a fair price? Throw me some offers, i'm not using it.
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    Hop, skip, jump, bump.
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    50 shipped to 07728

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