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    I dont know what these are going for these days. I'd be intrested in trading for any other module, I can add in $$ if necessary....or i'd sell it outright.

    lmk, Justin
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    guys and gals, i'll trade for anything here. Cases, modules, anything.

    I'd really like one of those grinder gear basecamps...I think they're called.

    I'd also sell it for, what, $40? is that the going rate?

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    A swap? Email me about what you might want! I got a lot of stuff I'd be willing to swap out!
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    [Hello- are you still there?? E-mail me- if still interested!]
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    madkins, and everyone else who sent me mail...I was away for the holiday for the past week, you now all have mail.
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    still here guys and gals, lets get rid of this cheap!

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    How much do you want to sell it for? They retail now for $40 at


    email me
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    mail to ya recordond

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