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Machinist ToolBox PDA™ is the Premier shop utility software available for PalmOS™ .
It is designed to bring the power of the PalmOS™ directly to the Shop Floor!
Your PDA now becomes a powerful Shop Floor Calculator that will help
you achieve greater productivity because, Productivity Doesn't Just Happen!

v4.35 Update (09/21/05)
·Bug fix for Oblique Triangle Solver with
known values for Side-B, Side-C and Angle-a.

v4.3 Update (04/28/05)
· Added Thermal Expansion Calculation
· Added Clipboard Functions
· Updated NPT Thread Milling Quick Code

v4.21 Update (12/20/04)
·Updated Oblique Triangle Solver

v4.2 Update (10/25/04)
·Added extended support for PalmOS v5.x(Garnet) and PalmOS v6.x(Cobalt).
·Fixed bug with Vector/Angle, Angle/Vector Calculations that swapped
address letters and inverted the sign for Dual-Rotary configurations.
·Added NPT Thread type to Thread Milling Quick Code.
·Added Turning Surface Finish Calculation.
·Enhanced Input Field Validation
·Optimized Code

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