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    Mobile High Speed - save 30% from

    Why Mobile High Speed for Palm OS?
    Do you really want to spend hours on the phone trying to get your mobile phone to work with your Palm OS
    system? And more hours on the Internet to find any working modemscript, configuration files and more? We
    think not. And developed Mobile High Speed for Palm OS - a software which has already stored all
    information needed to go online with many mobile network carriers and many mobile phones.
    Mobile High Speed for Palm OS talks 'Comfort'
    Mobile High Speed can completely configure your our Palm OS system to use a 3G UMTS, EDGE, GPRS
    connection at your leisure. After pressing 'connect' you are instantly online. No long searches for modem
    scripts, APN numbers, DNS and GPRS settings any more!

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    Time Study PDA - save 30% from

    FINALLY, an ACCURATE Time Study tool for your PalmOS™ powered handheld!

    Time Study PDA™ is designed with the MACHINIST in mind, but Managers, Engineers, Programmers, Operators
    and Students will also benefit from its many useful functions. It is the result of years of real world
    shop-floor experience. That experience means greater productivity because, Productivity Doesn't Just

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