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    Guys, centro fell out of my pocket in my office, and hit one of my chair legs, broke the screen + i think the keyboard, this sucks b/c i do not have insurance, and the sprint repair shop says they dont repair phones that dont have insurance.... So, i'll do it myself, anybody have a card with a bad radio? or something?
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    try going to a 3rd party sprint storew that does repairs...

    I think they will repair it for you
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    I did this friday. They told me they do not do non-insurance claims. I put up a little bit of a fight. Like "really? why not? I said i'd pay for it." and their responce was "we just dont" so i'm effed i spose. 7 bucks a month sure would have paid for itslelf this time.
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    Just wondering if anyone has a screen/keyboard or a broken centro they might want some money for.

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