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    I have a brand new red centro in original box that I will like to trade for a touch. if interested e mail me at I will throw in a clear sprint centro case with clip
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    Be sure you want to do that - I did, thought the Touch was so cool, which actually it is.
    However, being a Palm user, I had switched to WM5, didn't work well, went back to Palm.
    Decided to "buy" the Touch so I could return it - great concept, but cannot use one handed, cannot see icons nearly as well, couldn't see outside nearly as well, swiping took more effort. Missed one handed use, had to concentrate more to make things work.
    It is cool, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. Will probably stay with Centro (love the size from other Treos) even when new platform comes out with 800 series.
    Just a thought, I'm sure many others will jump on this one, but good luck with your decision.
    Make sure you list this in Marketplace at bottom also
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    <moved>This really belongs here.

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