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    I have a 4 month old Centro that I'd like to trade for Burgundy 755p. Both for Sprint. Centro in the box, excellent condition with all accessories. I just am not as impressed with Centro as I thought I would be. Is lighter and smaller, but just doesn't if you have a similar aged 755p you'd like to trade even let me know. I'm in Hampton Roads, VA area. My phone also has a belt clip holster.
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    I sent you a PM
    Sprint 600 - 650 - 755 - Mogul - 700Wx - Centro - 800W & iPhone
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    I am in Williamsburg and may be interested.

    kerrys914 at
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    I got a 700P if you care to trade for that.
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    You should check out - I swapped my treo 650 there.

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