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    Hello. I have a Treo WX that was an insurance replacement. I used it for 4 days before switching to the palm centro. I'm thinking 215.00 shipped? The package includes:

    -Sprint Treo wx
    -Sync cable
    -Wall charger
    -2 GB card
    -2 additional stylus
    -Manuals (and the disc may be laying around somewhere if not you can dl from Palms website)
    -Gurantee's a clean ESN
    -Will be shipped via USPS

    Although I have not been a member of treo central for long, I have 100% feedback on ebay under username teknike (some sales mostly buys-) and on sprint users as both a seller and buyer as kiesha. Please let me know if you have any ?'s

    *update* I listed this on ebay as well:
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    bump - 200 shipped

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