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Your TreoTM smartphone starts keeping you well informed about the approaching weather surprises.
Handy Weather software for Palm OS brings you forecasts and conditions from other countries and cities from around the world.

All you need is Internet connection and Handy Weather will retrieve the current forecast in split second. With the help of this new software you will learn to forecast the weather in more than 40, 000 preset cities worldwide. Moreover, you can choose weather information pinpointed to any arbitrary location by entering its coordinates (latitude and longitude). User friendly interface will help you find the info you need in mere seconds without scrolling through the complicated menus. Just imagine having your personal mobile weather station on your Palm OS device!

Extremely accurate and detailed description of weather conditions:

# Animated images (clouds, sun, rain etc.) and indications of the general status (i.e. Partly sunny and pleasant)

# Real feel temperature (what temperature really feels like)

# High and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

# Wind direction, gust and speed in mph, km/h or m/s

# UV index (the sunís ultraviolet intensity level)

# Amount of day precipitations in mm, cm or inches

Plan more efficiently with the best weather gathering program for Palm OS and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store.

Exciting features in Handy Weather:

# Detailed forecast for up to 30 locations you have selected.

# Automatic updates in a certain interval (6, 12, 18 or 24 hours) or at preset time. Weather forecast will be automatically downloaded on your phone, no matter if Handy Weather application is running or not.

# Three handy and good-looking views: 5-day weather forecast, detailed one-day forecast, 5-day temperature graph.

# Variety of supported Internet connections: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA.

# Multilingual interface: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

# Key Guard option displaying the weather forecast each time turning on the device without Handy Weather start.


To get weather forecast you should enable Internet connection. Handy Weather supports different Internet connections available on your device. When updating weather info, your Phone application should be switched on.

Note: The traffic generated by Handy Weather application for Palm OS is very low. It is less than 1 Kb per city forecast download!


You can use Handy Weather application during 14 days demo period. Then you will need to purchase one-year subscription to the weather service. For saving you time and effort we provide the most convenient way of purchasing and registering Handy Weather for Palm OS. Now you donít need searching for the product on the web, you can purchase Handy Weather just from your device. To do this, go to Forecast->Your Subscription->Buy now. You will find yourself in the shopping area of our web-site. After purchase you are given a registration code you will have to enter to enjoy your Handy Weather during the whole year of subscription. After one-year period you will need to renew your weather service subscription at our web site.

Supported devices

Handy Weather is compatible with TreoTM 650, 700p, 680, 755p.

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